Public notice in newspaper?

Hello, I will be paying the 3K cost for my husband’s Chap. 13 Bankruptcy. We have two small children, one is disabled, I’m not working right now. I have been thinking of putting a public notice in the paper stating that, from here on in, I will not be held responsible for any debts he may incur. What do you think?? Would this stop creditors from attaching the assets I have left?

I doubt it. If you are married, they will try. BUT, if you can convince him to sign a post nuptial agreement, which it sounds like he might refuse to do so given his recent actions and behaviors, you can then file that with all the credit agencies AND any credit card company he opens an account with stating that you will not be liable for his debts. I would double check and see if it will hold up in your state.

But they won’t get a cent from me as long as I can help it. I’ve paid out enough. I even took a loan of 500 dollars to make another payment. I asked a lawyer I know about this (since it’s really been troubling me, obviously). His reply was “Under the New York Domestic Relations Law a married woman’s property is considered her sole property as if she were not married and not liable for her husband’s debts.”

I don’t know, of course, whether other states have differing laws regarding the property of women. At least I won’t have to throw myself on his funeral pyre (I don’t mean to offend anyone but that is one custom I could not accept, personally.)