Robert Manning says it all in the title of his book

Robert Manning says it all in the title of his book…. Credit Card Nation. I hear he’s working on a new book called Credit Card World. Yes, this madness is all over!

Watch the video:

On the website where the Barbie toy is there is a You Tube video of Dave Ramsey talking about debt. I am not a follower of his , but the video is very interesting.
He talks how credit cards started with Diners Club, then Bank Americard. He also states some intereting facts about Sears, JC Penney, and Henry Ford. All were against credit. He says how our great grandparents thought debt was a sin.

Boy, have things changed. I agree with Ramsey that debt is dumb. I have been out of debt for two years now. I know the stress it causes and know the peace of being debt free. I’ll never go back to the other way of life.

If anyone is a fan of Pumpkin Latte at Starbucks, about $4-6 a piece, depending on the size you choose, I have news. Today, while my son and I were out, we came across International Coffee’s version of Pumpkin Pie Latte for $2.99 a box. Each box has 15 servings in it. So, I picked up three of them! I might go back for more.
I can have all the lattes I want and it won’t cost near what a seasonal trip to Starbucks will run.

I think it should come with a warning that parents must teach their children about wise money management. Of course the CC Co’s wouldn’t like that. They make their big $$$ from those who max out cards and pay that minimum payment for years and years and years. And the government wants us all to keep spending and keeping the economy goin! It’s a sick world!